What is Twinkle Star Dance?

Did you know that En L'air School for Dance is the home of Twinkle Star  Dance? The curriculum used in Twinkle Babies, Twinkle Stars, and  ShowStars classes is the product of almost 20 years of teaching experience from the owner, Nicole Guinard, and is based on leading child  development psychology. From the warmup to the hula hoops, the music  played, and everything in-between, Twinkle Star Dance is designed to  give the most structure and fun possible to preschool dance classes.

The Four Pillars

The four pillars of the Twinkle Star  Dance Program are Skill Building, Center Movement, Just For Fun, and Showtime. Together they form the foundation of exceptional dance training and the developmental benefits go far beyond the dance studio. 

Skill Building is the essential base that all dancers need when they start out. They continue to fine-tune these  skills throughout their dance life. 

Center movement builds on all the skills  they’ve been learning. Center combinations are taught and practiced.  They can really start to dance and move together as a core of dancers. Center Movement is key to experience before they begin to learn choreography for the recital. The dancers get a taste of performance before the big show. 

Children love coming back for more thanks to Just For Fun activities and storylines. Never forget that dancing is  supposed to be fun!

Showtime is designed to combine the Skill  Building, Center Movement, and Just For Fun activities into the dance  they perform on stage. Performing in the recital is a critical part of  the curriculum…dance is a performing art!  Learning to conquer your fears, work hard for something over time, and be in front of people are lifelong skills made possible by the Twinkle Star Dance curriculum.

If you have any questions about the curriculum email or call (508) 971-2364.